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PHP & JAVASCRIPT - How to take values from multiple input fields after clicking on the buttons which are connected to each input field?

I want to create a subpage for changing the username, password, mail etc.
I have 4 inputs and 4 buttons next to each input in my php file.
I am wondering, how can I take the value from one of the input field after clicking on the button next to it? I want to take that values without reloading the page.
What's more first click on the button changes the input field from "disabled" (in PHP) to "prop('disabled', false)" (in JAVASCRIPT).
Then, you can enter something into the input field.
The second click on the same button changes similarly (from "abled" to "disabled"). So I want to take the input value after SECOND CLICK on the button.


My code:
[HTML] https://i.stack.imgur.com/JE9K9.png
[JAVASCRIPT] https://i.stack.imgur.com/syoKa.png

Answer Source

You could do something through jQuery:

$('.edit_profile').on('click', function(){
   // if still disabled, return;
   if ($(this).prev().is(':disabled')) return;
   // otherwise we go for value:
   var value = $(this).prev().val();

And please take a look for function: prev() https://api.jquery.com/prev/

For passing your fields to php use ajax:

    type: "POST",
    url: "myphpscriptforupdate.php",
    dataType: 'html',
    data: { 
        p_year: $('#p_year').val() 
    success: function(data){
        // data = response from php (the things you echoed)
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