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Deobfuscating C++ source code

In search for a c++ parser I recently stumbled across the project below. Within it there's a parser that seems extremely well suited to my needs, however I believe the author(s) have deliberately obfuscated some of the core pieces of code, which make examining the code a little difficult.

There is a description in the file and on the author's website about there being a plain deobfuscated version, however the indicated site seems to only have a dead-link and attempts to contact the author have been fruitless.

I was wondering if fellow SOers would know of a quick and easy way to reverse the obfuscation in the above mentioned file.

Now I'm not sure because I'm not a C++ expert, but it could be that there is a legitimate reasons for the code to be the way it is, presumably as the name of the file suggests it could be for performance reasons.

Answer Source

In this specific case, you could just try this link to the project page, with the latest devel files - I just worked out it was the version being wrong - the link says 4.5 and the current version is 4.5.2 as of this revision. They don't seem to keep old versions around so grab the latest there

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