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I need help setting a button on html

So I'm very new to html I just finished some courses yesterday and decided to explore it a little. I know this will sound very simple but I am having issues setting up a link button in html. So the button I want to set is a button from the homepage so that user may be viewed by a log in screen. I have two index.html files, one for the homepage, and one for the login screen. I am not shure how to set it so when users click on log in they will be presented with the login screen.

<li><a href="login/index" class="button big special">Sign Up/lOG IN</a></li>
This is what I tried. My goal there was to use href= location of index.html I am not shure what I am doing wrong please help. When I click the link to test it, it would take me to an error page. The top link would be the address to the index file that has the login html.

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You don't have .html on your url. Try:

<li><a href="login/index.html" class="button big special">Sign Up/lOG IN</a></li>

Also, you are using a relative link, so the position of the file where you have this link is important. Right now it will look one directory up for a file named index.html. If the file with the link is foo.html make sure in the same folder you have a folder named login that has a file named index.html.

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