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Swift - Does controlTextDidChange Work With NSTextView?

I have one text field and one textView. The controlTextDidChange method responds to a text field change. But it doesn't respond to a textview change.

class AppDelegate: NSObject,NSApplicationDelegate,NSTextFieldDelegate,NSTextViewDelegate {
func applicationWillFinishLaunching(notification:NSNotification) {
/* delegates */
textField.delegate = self
textView.delegate = self

override func controlTextDidChange(notification:NSNotification?) {
if notification?.object as? NSTextField == textField {
else if notification?.object as? NSTextView == textView {

I'm running Xcode 7.2.1 under Yosemite. Am I doing anything wrong?

Answer Source

controlTextDidChange: is a method of NSControl class which is inherited by NSTextField, but not by NSTextView:

enter image description here

Because of that, instances of NSTextView can't receive the above callback.

I think you should implement textDidChange: from NSTextViewDelegate protocol instead:

func textDidChange(notification: NSNotification) {
  if notification.object == textView {
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