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split a variable with brackets php mysql

I know how to do this once the data is already in my MySQL db but what I'm trying to do is
I have a variable called $host that will always be like RockN_Roll_lady (MisFit_kay1) what I am looking for a point in the right direction is how to make my variable split so that $host field will be RockN_Roll_lady and $hostplayername will be MisFit_kay1

I know using MySQL it can be done once its inserted using

Update tourne_report set Host= SUBSTRING_INDEX( Host , '(', 1 ) ,Hostplayername= SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING_INDEX( Host , '(', 2 ),'(',-1) ;

but I'm looking for a solution to take the $host variable and make it into 2 variables before the data gets entered into my database

Answer Source

Try this


$str            = "RockN_Roll_lady (MisFit_kay1)";
$arrChunks      = preg_split("#\(#", $str);
$host           = trim($arrChunks[0]);
$hostplayername = trim($arrChunks[1], ")");

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