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Javascript Question

Adding multiple class name to an element D3

I am working on a D3 Scatter Plot having data from different regions - here regions are Continent names like Europe, Asia etc. I want to associate the region with a class name so that I can perform common activities for one region.

Below is my code to add multiple classes together to an element:

var dot = svg.append("g")
.attr("class", "dots")
.attr("class", "dot " + function(d) { return d.Region; });

When I write the following code to check what classes are associated with the current object.


I got this output:

enter image description here

So I can see that it is adding "dot" class successfully but not able to add Region dynamically.



You have move your function, passing it as the second argument of attr:

.attr("class", function(d){
    return "dot " +  d.Region;