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Bash Question

rename files in a folder using find shell

i have a n files in a different folders like abc.mp3 acc.mp3 bbb.mp3 and i want to rename them 01-abc.mp3, 02-acc.mp3, 03-bbb.mp3... i tried this


for file in ./uff/*;
do mv "$file" "${COUNT}-$file" let COUNT++ done

but i keep getting errors like for syntax error near 'do and sometimes for not found... Can someone provide single line solution to this using "find" from terminal. i'm looking for a solution using find only due to certain constraints... Thanks in advance

Answer Source

I'd probably use:


cd ./uff || exit 1

for file in *.mp3;
    mv "$file" $(printf "%.2d-%s" ${COUNT} "$file")

This avoids a number of issues and also includes a 2-digit number for the first 9 files (the next 90 get 2-digit numbers anyway, and after that you get 3-digit numbers, etc).

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