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How to batch convert 1000's of images across multiple sub directories in parallel using Image Magic

I have ~100 subdirectories each having ~1000 files
I want to convert

Image Magick
BASH for Win10
LINUX script
. My script is slow, can I speed it up?

find . -type f -name '*.jpg' -exec sh -c '
newfile="$(echo "$0" | sed 's/.jpg/.png/')"
echo $orgfile $newfile
convert $orgfile -unsharp 0x5 $newfile
rm $orgfile
' {} \;

I like the loop process because the convert is the first in a number of processes so the input and output names can be reused. However its slow and echo is there for feedback (change to per dir?)

In a related post the following solution is given

# Runs these conversions serially
ls *.NEF | sed 's#.NEF##' | xargs -I^ convert ^.NEF ^.jpg
# Runs these conversions with 8 different processes
ls *.NEF | sed 's#.NEF##' | xargs -P8 -I^ convert ^.NEF ^.jpg

But another post warns that parallel processing may slow down a system

/media/ramdisk/img$ time for f in *.bmp; do echo $f ${f%bmp}png; done | xargs -n 2 -P 2 convert -auto-level

I think I'm getting lost in both the advanced BASH scripting and parallel processing and I have no idea of

BTW running serially is using about 25% of PC resources

Answer Source

Use imagemagick's inline batch, called mogrify

mogrify -unsharp 0x5 -format png *.jpg

You can't write faster in shell. And for recursive convert use bash globbing feature:

shopt -s globstar
mogrify -unsharp 0x5 -format png **/*.jpg
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