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CSS Question

position: absolute without setting top/left/bottom/right?

Case #1:

I want to put a logo above the photo in the header in the default WordPress theme ( )

My solution: add the logo before the photo, and set
position: absolute
on it, without setting any of the


<a id="header">
<img id="logo">
<img id="photo">


#logo {
position: absolute;
margin: 10px;
/* or padding: 10px; */
/* or border: 10px solid transparent;
only this works with my elderly iPhone */

Case #2:

Another example is a horizontal multi-level menu which is 100% wide and laid out with
display: table-*
, but
s don't support
position: relative
, so my only solution was this:

It works on IE6-7, Firefox1.5, not working on Firefox 0.8, etc.

Do you think it is a good solution, or is it a non-standard piece of hack, which can fall apart any minute?

Answer Source

The standard generally says if top/bottom, left/right are auto, then default them to their position: static values:

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