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Scala Question

SBT how to create custom command

Given I have


name := """app"""

version := "1.0-SNAPSHOT"

lazy val root = (project in file(".")).enablePlugins(PlayScala)

scalaVersion := "2.11.7"

// <-- some other code -->

import Fixtures._

lazy val fixtures = inputKey[Unit]("Generating Cassandra fixtures")

fixtures := {

and Fixtures.scala in

object Fixtures {
def generate (): Unit = {
println("generating fixtures")

I am able to run command
./activator fixtures
and I am getting "generating fixtures"

But how can I call some service, let say
but from
directory. Import package does not work, because
directory belongs to different package. I am not able to import anything to
from Play

| |__scala
| |__com
| |__MyProject
| |__Service
| |--GenerateUserFixtureService.scala
| |--Fixtures.scala

Actually the question is, why I am able to import to
only files from
directory. Or how can I call another files from

Or maybe the way I am thinking is completely wrong. I just want to create some command
etc, and call some scala class. How can I achieve this?

Answer Source

For creating a custom command you must specify a function which corresponds to the logic of your command. Let's consider a few examples: first just print hello message:

 def helloSbt = Command.command("hello") { state =>
        println("Hello, SBT")

commands += helloSbt

just put this code into build.sbt, commands is project key which is present into sbt.Keys as val commands = SettingKey[Seq[Command]]

Of course, you can manage the statement of your command like success or fail:

def failJustForFun = Command.single("fail-condidtion") {
        case (state, "true") =>
        case (state, _) => state

You can change the color in console for specific part of your command or output of this command via leveraging of DefaultParsers:

    lazy val color = token( Space ~> ("blue" ^^^ "4" | "green" ^^^ "2") )
    lazy val select = token( "fg" ^^^ "3" | "bg" ^^^ "4" )
    lazy val setColor = (select ~ color) map { case (g, c) => "\033[" + g + c + "m" }

And like alternative, you can extend xsbti.AppMain and implement - your own logic

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