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changing a value of a term while iterating a HashSet

i am using a HashSet in order to avoid having two (or more)items with the same value inside my collection , on my work i need to iterate over my hashset and remove its values but unfortunatly i cant do so , what i am trying to do is:

string newValue = "";
HashSet<string> myHashSet;
myHashSet = GetAllValues(); // lets say there is a function which fill the hashset
foreach (string s in myHashSet)
newValue = func(s) // lets say that func on some cases returns s as it was and
if(s != newValue) // for some cases returns another va


thanks in advance for your kind help

Jon Jon
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You cannot modify the container while it's being iterated. The solution would be to project the initial set into a "modified" set using LINQ (Enumerable.Select), and create a new HashSet from the results of the projection.

Since if there is a func with the appropriate signature you can directly stick it into the Enumerable.Select method, and since HashSet has a constructor that accepts an IEnumerable<T>, it all comes down to one line:

var modifiedHashSet = new HashSet(myHashSet.Select(func));
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