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C Question

how to exit a child process - _exit() vs. exit

Consider this code snippet:

pid_t cpid = fork();

if (cpid == -1) {

if (cpid == 0) { // in child
execvp(argv[1], argv + 1);

// in parent

How shall I exit the child process if execvp returns? Shall I use exit() or _exit()?


You should definitely use _Exit(). exit() calls the functions you added with atexit() and deletes files created with tmpfile(). Since the parent process is really the one that wants these things done when it exists, you should call _Exit(), which does none of these.

Notice _Exit() with a capital E. _exit(2) is probably not what you want to call directly. exit(3) and _Exit(3) will call this for you. If you don't have _Exit(3), then yes, _exit() is what you wanted.