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Call to undefined function ldap_control_paged_results()

Am using LDAP in My Project. PHP Version 5.4.9-4ubuntu2.4. I have also installed the package php5-ldap. when try to use the Function ldap_control_paged_result(). Am getting Fatal error.

SAmple code
$link = ldap_connect('',389);
ldap_set_option($link, LDAP_OPT_PROTOCOL_VERSION, 3);
$cookie = '';
$test = ldap_control_paged_result($link,1000, TRUE, $cookie);
$sr = ldap_search($link,'','(&(SAMAccountname=*)objectClass=user))',array('SAMAccountname'),null,null,null,null);
$entries = ldap_get_entries($link, $sr);
echo $entries;
$test2= ldap_control_paged_result_response($link, $sr, $cookie, $estimated);

Answer Source

The function is incorrect and doesn't exist. You should use ldap_control_paged_result Notice there is no s at the end of result

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