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Python Question

How to run multiple feature file in behave using pycharm professional

I have created multiple feature file using python language in pycharm professional.

So whenever i try to run multiple feature file simultaneously it shows ConfigError while I'm using tags.

In which way I need to do, to run specific scenarios and multiple feature file in behave using python

How to set the feature file path or how to change the default feature path?

Config error

Default path error

Answer Source

In your Pycharm terminal, you have to change the directory path to your Features folder before proceeding to run a particular scenario. Because it searches the features file under wrong path.

Change your path as mentioned below.

C:\Users\MSTEMP\PycharmProjects\ORE_DEMO> cd mention your path upto features folder

Once you switched to the Features folder.Use the following commands

To run a specific scenario: behave -n "scenario name"

To run a feature file: behave "feature name.feaure"

To run multiple feature file behave "feature name one .feature" "feature name two .feature"

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