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Scala Question

Accessing scala.None from Java

How can you access

from Java?

The last line causes the compiler to die with "type scala.None does not take parameters".

import scala.Option;
import scala.Some;
import scala.None;
final Option<String> object1 = new Some<String>("Hi there");
final Option<String> object2 = new None<String>();

This fails with "cannot find symbol constructor None()":

final Option<String> object2 = new None();

This fails with "cannot find symbol variable None":

final Option<String> object2 = None;

In 2007 this used to work, but then Scala changed. The Java compiler gives
error: incompatible types

final Option<String> object2 = scala.None$.MODULE$;


This might work:

final scala.Option<String> x = scala.Option.apply(null);

def apply [A] (x: A): Option[A]
An Option factory which creates Some(x) if the argument is not null, and None if it is null.