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Phalcon PhP - how to upgrade

I run phalcon php and its devtools in a macbook. My current version is 2.0.13 and I want to upgrade to version 3.

I would like to confirm (and also make a useful post to people with the same problem) if to upgrade it I just need to compile again:

git clone --depth=1 git://
cd cphalcon/build
sudo ./install

Also for the devtools do I just have to follow this guide again?


Answer Source

Yes, you posted exactly what you need to do in order to update your Phalcon. If you have already installed phalcon using github you can go to the same directory and make a simple git checkout master && git pull master

Sometimes install command doesn't work properly (doesn't recognize your php.ini path or picks the wrong one if you have many) and you need to update your php.ini with extension path manually. If newly compiled library is in different directory than it was before you need to fix it by yourself.

Phalcon is also available from linux (at least for sure on ubuntu and debian) repositories so you don't need to compile it from sources if you don't want to. Read more here.

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