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NDK step-by-step debugging with Android Studio 2.0 (Beta 2)

I tried the experimental Gradle Plugin with Android Studio 1.5 as I was hoping it to enable the NDK step-by-step debugging. It didn't.

As migrating from the regular to the experimental build system requires quite a lot of work, I am trying to figure out whether this debugging support had been enabled with the Android Studio 2.0 beta, before trying again.

This paragraph of the documentation is unclear to me:

Multiple NDK Projects

Plugin 0.4.0 added the preliminary support for NDK dependencies and
the ability to create just a native library. Please be aware this is
a preview of the direction we are going and the implementation is not
complete. Note that while it is possible to compile the native
project for Gradle, editing and debugging support in Android Studio is
not yet implemented

The last part that I highlighted in italic says debugging is not enabled, but this is in the Multiple NDK Projects section. Does it apply to all configurations or just to projects with multiple NDK dependencies?

Answer Source

This has been fixed in Android Studio 2.2, but only for 64 bits. The deprecated NDK toolchain must be replaced by CMake in the project configuration.

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