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Finding total number of duplicates in CSV file

I am parsing through a CSV file and require your kind assistance. I have duplicates in my CSV file. I want to tell Python to provide me with the total number of Duplicate Addresses and total number of unique Addresses and then list them. I have successfully got to the part where the Address shows if it's an unique or duplicate but now I want to tell Python to provide me with the respected numbers as well.

import csv

csv_data = csv.reader(file('T:\DataDump\Book1.csv'))


already_seen = set()

for row in csv_data:
Address = row[6]
if Address in already_seen:
print('{} is a duplicate Address'.format(Address))
print('{} is a unique Address'.format(Address))

Answer Source

You could detect duplicates on the fly with 1 sole pass but you have to fully read the file to know if it's not a duplicate and to count how many duplicates there are.

So 2 passes are required here. Use collections.Counter like this:

import csv
import collections

with open(r"T:\DataDump\Book1.csv") as f:
    csv_data = csv.reader(f,delimiter=",")

    next(csv_data)  # skip title line

    count = collections.Counter()

    # first pass: read the file
    for row in csv_data:
        address = row[6]
        count[address] += 1

    # second pass: display duplicate info & compute total
    total_dups = 0
    for address,nb in count.items():
        if nb>1:
            total_dups += nb
            print('{} is a duplicate address, seen {} times'.format(address,nb))
            print('{} is a unique address'.format(address))
    print("Total duplicate addresses {}".format(toal_dups))

to print the total number of duplicate addresses you could also do directly:

    print("Total duplicate addresses {}".format(sum(x for x in count.values() if x > 1)))
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