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Bash Question

Different result for reading word by word when there is a new line or not

I have problem on that the program cannot read all words in the file if the file part_Q.txt has no new empty line after last visible line.


NWLR35MQ 649
HCDA93OW 526

*Note that there is no empty line after the line "HCDA93OW 526". The text fully finishes right after 526.

Current output:

word = 'NWLR35MQ'
word = '649'

The strange thing is, if I put one more new line after 526, then my program outputs all 4 words, like below.

Expected output:

word = 'NWLR35MQ'
word = '649'
word = 'HCDA93OW'
word = '526'

Source code:


while read line; do
for word in $line; do
echo "word = '$word'"
done < part_Q.txt

My question is, how can I output all 4 words without having a new empty line at the end of the file, after 526?

Answer Source

You can use:

while IFS= read -r line || [[ -n $line ]]; do
   IFS=' '
   for word in $line; do
      echo "word=$word"
done < file


Here || [[ -n $line ]] ensures true exit status for while when read fails due to misisng trailing line.

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