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Android AES encryption secret key

I'm developping an Android app and i wanna do encryption with AES-128.
I use secret key and text with hexadecimal.

I use this website : http://testprotect.com/appendix/AEScalc to compute the AES encryption with the following key : "c4dcc3c6ce0acaec4327b6098260b0be" and my text to encrypt is : "6F4B1B252A5F0C3F2992E1A65E56E5B8" (hexadecimal).

So the result from this website give me "859499d0802de8cc6ba4f208da648a8f" and that's the result i wanna get.

I find some code on the net, but a lot uses seed to generate random secret key and i wanna fix the secret key.
Actually i'm using the following code, i think it's the code i need but the result gives me

D/resultdebug: 72adc67b6d11e1c5fb89ddf5faeb0e030686b91f8bfaf6c41335f08955343f87

and it's not the same result than the website, that i want.

String text16 = "6F4B1B252A5F0C3F2992E1A65E56E5B8";
String secret16 = "c4dcc3c6ce0acaec4327b6098260b0be";

SecretKeySpec sks = new SecretKeySpec(secret16.getBytes(),"AES");
Cipher c = Cipher.getInstance("AES");

c.init(Cipher.ENCRYPT_MODE, sks);
byte[] ciphertext = c.doFinal();
Log.d("resultdebug",new String(Hex.encode(ciphertext), "ASCII"));

Could you please tell me what's wrong, thanks.

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You are not converting the hex to binary, you are getting the binary of the characters not the value that is hex encoded.