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Python Question

Call a function with values in another dataframe

i defined a function

def test_function(id):

i was calling that function via

df = test_function('123')

but what i want to do now is, i have another dataframe df2 =


i want to write an apply function which would take 1 value at a time from df2
and run my test_function instead of manually adding values.

and also my df should be appended for different values,
such that df contain a column name 'value' which would be the value selected one at a time

Answer Source

I think you need apply with DataFrame.values and last concat:

Notice: [] are necessary, because pandas function Series.values - so df2.values return numpy array and df2['values'] select column values. Same problem is with another column names with same names as some functions in pandas like count, size, sum...

a = f2['values'].apply(test_function).values
print (pd.concat(a, ignore_index=True))
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