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Python Question

Chart Title for Chart using python-pptx

I am trying to add a title to my powerpoint chart created using

library. I am on OSX with Python 2.7 and Python pptx version 0.6.1.

The code to create the charts is below :

df = pd.read_excel("/Users/vagabond/Documents/python_pptx_3/Bar_Charts.xlsx", sheetname=None)
f = open('/Users/vagabond/Documents/python_pptx_3/Presentation1.pptx')
prs = ppt.Presentation(f)

for sheetname, data in df.iteritems():

slide_layout = prs.slide_layouts[9]
slide = prs.slides.add_slide(slide_layout)

chart_data =

series_1 = chart_data.add_series('Series 1')

## iterate through rows of the data frame for desired columns and add data points
for index, row in data.iterrows():
series_1.add_data_point(row['Share_of_apples'], row['Share_of_oranges'])

## define co-ordinates on the slide
x, y, cx, cy = Inches(1), Inches(3), Inches(7), Inches(4)

chart = slide.shapes.add_chart(
XL_CHART_TYPE.XY_SCATTER, x, y, cx, cy, chart_data

Now to add a title, I added the following after the

chart.has_title = True
chart.title = sheetname

In case you are wondering, the value sheetname in
chart.title = sheetname
are the dict keys of dict df which I read in the first line. For every chart , I want the key of the key-value pair in the dictionary to be assigned. The program runs without any error.

The problem is , it does not add any chart titles.

I checked if chart.chart_title contains any value and it gives me an error:

AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-26-7cb6c1e79da2> in <module>()
1 chart.has_title = True
----> 3 chart.chart_title.has_text_frame = True

AttributeError: 'Chart' object has no attribute 'chart_title'

Answer Source

python-pptx has no API support for chart titles yet.

The reason your assignment to Chart.has_title doesn't give an error is because Python adds that attribute on first assignment (because it's a dynamic language). That attribute is not there in the API.

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