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HTML Question

Add a span tag inside p after certain amount of characters

Suppose you have this for your HTML:

<div class="contentBox">
<p>I have some content that is good to read</p>

However you would like to add a span tag after a certain amount of characters, lets say 26 characters, which would be right after the word "that". The result would look like this:

<div class="contentBox">
<p>I have some content that<span> is good to read</span></p>

It has to be after a certain amount of characters, because the paragraph will change from time to time.

Answer Source

Set the amount of characters after you want to set the span. Get text of the p element. Substring from start until the amount of chars, add the span, continue with the rest and add the closing span


var after=26;
var html = $(".contentBox p").html();
html = html.substring(0, after) + "<span>" + html.substring(after)+"</span>";
$(".contentBox p").html(html);


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