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Overriding a property in a swift class which is defined initially in a Obj-c superclass

Although I fully appreciate it's bad practice for strongly typed implementations, I have a some generic code that needs to be changed in a subclass. The getters and setters in the obj-c code deals with id typed values so it is expecting more generalised values.

// objc
@interface A
@property NSNumber* foo;

// swift subclass
class B : A {
var foo: String?

Is there anyway to define a property is Swift so that it replaces entirely the superclass property?

The loosely typed nature of Obj-c with the (id) type allows some flexibility, that is closed down in swift.

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This is not possible. You can override the property to provide different behavior, but changing the type violates OO design and thus doesn't compile.

To override a property:

override var foo: NSNumber! {
  get { return NSNumber(int: 5) }
  set { }