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JSON Question

How to loop through an JSON associative array in javascript?

I'm getting a JSON response from the server and i have to loop through the array in javascript and get the values. But I cant seem to loop throught it.

The JSON response of the array looks like this:

   "1": "Schools",
   "20": "Profiles",
   "31": "Statistics",
   "44": "Messages",
   "50": "Contacts"

I just want to loop through it to get the ID and Name and populate some values on the page.

I have tried:

$.each(response, function(key, value) {
alert(key + ' ' + value);

// and

for (var key in response) {
alert(key + ' ' + response[key]);

But neither give the right values.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The response I'm getting with the second loop is:

0 {
1 "
2 1
3 "
4 :
5 "
6 S

etc etc

So that means its going through the whole response as a string and spliting it as key/value.


Answer Source

Your problem is that you are not parsing the JSON string. Therefore, your foreach is going through the characters in the JSON string. I bet it will fail in IE <7 since it doesn't treat strings as character arrays.

// If you are using jQuery.ajax, you can just set dataType to 'json' 
// and the following line will be done for you
var obj  = jQuery.parseJSON( response );
// Now the two will work
$.each(obj, function(key, value) {
    alert(key + ' ' + value);

for (var key in obj) {
    alert(key + ' ' + response[key]);
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