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Scala Question

Event handling in Scala

What should I use to implement simple event handling in Scala?

I don't want to rely on Scala.Swing APIs and I'm not sure if I should use Actors.

What I need is simple generic over event type handlers and event sources. Concurrency is not a requirement. Aren't Actors too heavy for simple tasks requiring no concurrency?

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If you don't want to rely on Scala Swing and you only require publishers and observers, why not roll up your own implementation? This would amount to 2-3, below-10-line Scala traits (depending on whether you also want event buses or not).

If you don't mind a more complex API (especially since you're getting concurrency handling for free), you could try out the Observables out of RxScala. Take a look at the aforementioned Observable, Observer and Subject APIs.

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