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How do I access private fields with AspectJ?

I am investigating

and its many uses and have discovered

I can find many examples employing pure
aspects however I need to use only

What I am trying to achieve is the following:-

I have a class that I cannot amend, it has a private class variable that I need to interrogate after a particular class method has completed execution. This class does not have getter or setter methods associated with this private class variable.

public final class CannotAmend {

private Uri privateUri;

public final void methodOne(){}

public final void methodTwo(){}

public final void methodThree(){

privateUri = "something";


I require an aspect/mixin that can capture
and allow me to see the value set in

Is this possible to achieve?


Where can I discover documentation/tutorial/examples of how to achieve this?

Answer Source

Within an aspect you can access the private field using the reflection API.

In the aspect you need two things:

  • A pointcut to define methods on which the aspect matches.
  • And a method annotated with @After containing logic that's executed after a method matched by the pointcut returns.

public class MyAspect {

    @Pointcut("execution(* CannotAmend.methodThree(..))")
    public void methodThreePointcut(){

    public void afterMethod(JoinPoint joinPoint) throws NoSuchFieldException, IllegalAccessException {
        Object instance = joinPoint.getThis();

        Field privateUriField = instance.getClass().getDeclaredField("privateUri");

        String privateUri = (String) privateUriField.get(instance);
        System.out.println(privateUri); // prints "something"

On a side note, using String constants to access a private field is not a clean solution. If sometime in the future the name of the variable changes or if it's removed, the aspect will break.

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