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Best practice to mark deprecated code in Ruby?

I'd like to mark a method as deprecated, so the people using it can easily check their code and catch up. In Java you set @Deprecated and everybody knows what this means.

So is there a preferred way (or even tools) to mark and check for deprecations in Ruby?

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For almost all cases, depending on a library or metaprogramming for a deprecation is overkill. Just add a comment to the rdoc and call the Kernel#warn method. For example:

class Foo
  # <b>DEPRECATED:</b> Please use <tt>useful</tt> instead.
  def useless
    warn "[DEPRECATION] `useless` is deprecated.  Please use `useful` instead."

  def useful
    # ...

If you're using Yard instead of rdoc, your doc comment should look like this:

# @deprecated Please use {#useful} instead

Lastly, if you adhere to tomdoc, make your comment look like this:

# Deprecated: Please use `useful` instead

Deprecated: Indicates that the method is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. You SHOULD use this to document methods that were Public but will be removed at the next major version.

Also, don't forget to remove the deprecated method in some future (and properly semver'd) release. Don't make the same mistakes that the Java libraries did.

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