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Meteor + React Mantra offline application atempt

After reading and following Ken Rogers very good book: Meteor + React; we successfully started the creation of a new application using Mantra amazing architecture.

But unfortunately we reached about 40% of total development and tested yesterday our new app but in an offline behavior. In order to achieve it I installed GroundDB and Appcache:

meteor add appcache
meteor add ground:db

After changing all Mongo.Collection to Ground.Collection, we suddenly got weird errors like:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'context' of null
TypeError: Cannot read property 'Vendedor' of undefined

It seems like Mantra or React cannot be used at all in an offline manner.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer Source

It was found that GroundDB could not be used correctly in Meteor last versions.

So recently we started using GroundDB II rc6 in conjunction with subs-cache.

That way we could accomplish what we needed:

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