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How to get data of the middle table in many to many relationship in sequelize

I have a question in sequelize orm.
There is Many to Many relationship between tables , through a middle table.

const Tag = sequelize.define('tag', {
name: Sequelize.STRING,
type: Sequelize.CHAR
const Image = sequelize.define('image', {
thumb: Sequelize.STRING,
original: Sequelize.STRING,
status: Sequelize.INTEGER,
width: Sequelize.INTEGER,
height: Sequelize.INTEGER,
fileSize: Sequelize.STRING,

const TagImages = sequelize.define('TagImages', {
value: Sequelize.STRING,

When I find an image by Id , I get all tags well by include, But I cannot get the value column in tagImages table.

This is my query statement:

Image.findById(imageId,{ include: [Tag] })
.then(image => {

and there is no column of value in my console.log. How should I get it?

Answer Source

Sequelize should put a TagImage property on each included Tag.

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