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Javascript Question

Body style Javascript function seems slow

I have made a little Javascript function that changes the background color of the body. However, it seems very slow and jagged when it is run. Does anyone know why and how can I improve the code so it runs smoother?

Please see JSfiddle for working example:

window.addEventListener('scroll', function() {

var fromTop = window.pageYOffset; = "rgb("+fromTop/5 + ','+fromTop/2 +','+fromTop/3+")";


Answer Source

Use integer RGB values only, as decimal values are ignored by the browser and this leads to the perceived delay: = "rgb(" +
    parseInt(fromTop/5, 10) + ',' +
    parseInt(fromTop/2, 10) + ',' +
    parseInt(fromTop/3, 10) + ")";

Percentage values are also acceptable:

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