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SQL Question

SQL query showing nulls when i need a empty set

I am using this query but coming up with nulls in all of the columns. how could i get rid of this? So it becomes a Empty set?

SELECT,,, players.cellx, players.celly, max(levels.level) as level
FROM players, levels
WHERE players.xp - levels.xp >= 0 AND id=12;

| id | room | money | cellx | celly | level |

Answer Source

By using the MAX aggregate function, MySQL does an implicit GROUP BY.


  • Use MySQL 5.7.5 or newer, or set the ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY setting to disable this behavior. You'll get an error message then instead of nonsensical results.
  • Don't join with multiple tables in the FROM clause, use ANSI JOIN syntax instead.
  • Specify what you're looking for in the question; the query as-is doesn't make any sense to me.
  • You might need an explicit GROUP BY or window functions MAX(...) OVER (...) to compute aggregates.
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