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How to loop chi sq test in R

I have the table with alternative and reference allele counts. How could I loop chi sq test in R to run it for each row? I attached the picture of my table. I need to perform chi sq test with altCount and refCount columns.

altCount refCount
8 6
3 7
4 9

I need the p-value for each row. I am very new to R. I figured out how to perform chi sq test on individual rows but since I have several thousands rows I need to make a loop to run it all at once.
I did:

bcz <- read.delim("C:/cygwin64/home/sbomb/tables/bc_z_alleles.csv")
a = bcz[1,6]
b = bcz[1,7]
c = c(a,b)
d = c(0.5,0.5)
x = c,
p = d,

but I do not know how to loop it for whole table. Could you please explain me how to do it with all details?

enter image description here

Answer Source

The easiest loop for a beginner still is the for loop:

d <- data.frame(a = c(8,3,4), b = c(6,7,9))
for(row in 1:nrow(d)){

The same can be done with

apply(d, 1, chisq.test)

The latter is shorter and gives you a list as your result, which is probalby better for further evaluation.

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