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Start H2 database programmatically

I'm coding a server-client application in Java and I need to implement a local database on the server side and I decided to go for H2 database engine.

One more thing to add is that I usa TCP connection to start and run the database.
This is what I put together so far:

Server server = Server.createTcpServer(DB_PATH).start();

Connection currentConn = DriverManager.getConnection(DB_PATH, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD);

Where the connection string is

That piece of code returns with an exception:

Feature not supported: "jdbc:h2:tcp://localhost/~/test" [50100-176]

I followed this article.

Answer Source

Something like this should work

Server server = null;
            try {
                server = Server.createTcpServer("-tcpAllowOthers").start();
                Connection conn = DriverManager.
                    getConnection("jdbc:h2:tcp://localhost/~/stackoverflow", "sa", "");
                System.out.println("Connection Established: "
                        + conn.getMetaData().getDatabaseProductName() + "/" + conn.getCatalog());

            } catch (Exception e) {

and the output is Connection Established: H2/STACKOVERFLOW

This has been tested with h2-1.4.184

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