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Retrieving Delivery Steps for SMS/MMS via Twilio REST API

Is it possible via the Twilio REST API to retrieve the Delivery Steps (like you can see on Message Details on the Message Log)? If it is not possible via the REST API, is there a programmatic way to get it (apart from screen scraping)?

I'm using the C# Twilio NuGet package, but I can also hit the REST API directly if necessary. I didn't see Delivery Steps in documentation for either or by visually inspecting JSON results. I also cannot get the Delivery Steps in the CSV export.

Delivery Steps on Message Detail

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Twilio developer evangelist here.

Whilst you can't get that detail from the REST API, messages in Twilio can notify you of their status as it changes.

When you send a message, just set a StatusCallback parameter and Twilio will send you an HTTP POST request when the message status changes into any of the following states: queued, failed, sent, delivered, or undelivered.

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