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PHP Question

clear string from commas and put it into array

I want clear all commas from string and then put all words separated with comma into array.

For me it's easy to make it in the case i have this type of string:


I have juste to explode them and put them into array like this:

$words = "word1,word2,word3,word4,word5,word6";
$explode = explode(",", $words);

$array = array();
foreach($explode as $word) {
$array[] = $word;

And here come my need:
In the case i have this kind of string what is the approch ?


The number of commas between words undefined and can be up to 100 commas.

Let me know if u have good approch to this kind of string.

Answer Source

The array_filter function in PHP is used for "filtering" an array i.e. making a new array from the elements of an array that satisfy a condition.

By default if we do not pass any callback to array_filter, it removes all falsey and null values. We can send a callback function as a second parameter which returns true for elements that should stay and false for elements that should be removed.

$words = "word1,word2,word3,word4,word5,word6";
$words_arr = array_filter(explode(",", $words));

If there is whitespace between commas, then:

$words_arr = array_filter(explode(",", $words), function ($e) {
    return strlen(trim($e)) > 0;    // Only select those elements which have a length > 0 after trimming

strlen is for getting the string length

trim is for stripping whitespace from the beginning and end of a string

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