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Java Question

Can I access the "secondary this" from an inner class?

I have basic classes

abstract class Unit {
Unit target;
abstract class UnitAI {/*...*/}

From these, I have derived

class Infantry extends Unit {
class InfantryAI extends UnitAI {/*...*/}

Can the class
somehow get the secondary(implicit)
that is used for accessing the members of it's surrounding class

Specifically, it needs to determine if its surrounding class
is being targetted by its target, like this:

if (/*secondary_this.*/ == secondary_this)

or, generally, by another

Answer Source

You can access the outer this by prepending the classname:; //"this" of the Infantry class from inside InfantryAI; //"this" of the Unit class from inside UnitAI

This doesn't work with static nested classes though as they don't belong to a instance of the outer class.

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