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LessCSS stops processing styles

I'm using Less in JS mode (less.js) the following way:

<link rel="stylesheet/less" href="assets/styles/less/bootstrap.less" media="all">
<script src="assets/scripts/libs/less-1.1.5.min.js"></script>

And after some page views, it stops processing the styles and gives a "cached" version. To make it re-parse the styles I have to clear browser cookies. Does anybody knows why is this? Is there any option to make it re-parse on every page view?
Thanks a lot!

UPDATE: Reviewing some of the library code, seems that it uses localStorage to store the stylesheets as a cache. It bases on file's last modified time to update that cache but for some reason it's not working properly because it's not taking my changes...

Answer Source

I just found a issue in GitHub for this. Quoting myself:

This happens to me also in 1.1.5. The script uses localStorage to store the stylesheets. Clearing your browser cache won't work. You must clear it's cookies (logging off all your accounts, %!@^#%) or doing localStorage.clear(). I use this before loading less.js (not using localStorage myself):

<script> /* Provisory for dev environment: */ localStorage.clear(); </script>

When going to production you just compile the stylesheets to .css

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