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React JSX Question

Apollo: data / mutation prop not passed to component

I have the following component with a query and a mutation, but my Component does not receive the data and the mutation prop.

Am I doing something wrong or missing in my code? The query does get executed though, it's just not passed down. this.props.mutate as well as is undefined.

class ResetConfirm extends React.Component {
static propTypes = {
intl: intlShape.isRequired,
token: React.PropTypes.string,
data: React.PropTypes.shape({
loading: React.PropTypes.bool.isRequired,
checkToken: React.PropTypes.array,
mutate: React.PropTypes.func.isRequired,

submitForm = (model) => {
loading: true,

this.props.mutate({ variables: { password: model.password, token: this.props.token } })
.then(({ data }) => {
// redirect
}).catch((error) => {
console.log('there was an error sending the query', error);
render() {
//render jsx

const CheckTokenQuery = gql`
query CheckToken($token: String!) {
checkToken(token: $token) {

const SetNewPasswordMutation = gql`
mutation SetNewPasswordMutation($password: String!, $token: String!) {
resetPassword(password: $password, token: $token) {

export default graphql(SetNewPasswordMutation, { name: SetNewPasswordMutation })(
graphql(CheckTokenQuery, { name: CheckTokenQuery, forceFetch: true })(injectIntl(connect(ResetConfirm)))

Answer Source

You have used name to name the mutation prop SetNewPasswordMutation.

This means that you need to call it from your component like:

  { variables: { password: model.password, token: this.props.token } })
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