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I'm getting the error "Application" is ambiguous in the namespace ''

I have a project which opens a simple Excel file and populates it. It was working fine until this morning, when it has suddenly started giving me the error above:

'Application' is ambiguous in the namespace 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel'

I haven't changed any project references, or anything within the file itself. The references include Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel. The imports statement is there:
imports Microsoft.Office.Interop

The object declaration is also complete:
Dim xl As Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application
which is the line that's giving me the error!

I've tried googling this error, and the only response is that I need to declare

The fact that I hadn't changed anything within the project nor the code tells me this is a corruption in Visual Studio 2008. However, cleaning and rebuilding the project, rebooting Windows, and restarting VS has no effect.

Any ideas?

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Removing and re-adding the reference solved this issue. (David hasn't come back to allow me to mark his as the answer!)

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