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C# non-boxing conversion of generic enum to int?

Given a generic parameter TEnum which always will be an enum type, is there any way to cast from TEnum to int without boxing/unboxing?

See this example code. This will box/unbox the value unnecessarily.

private int Foo<TEnum>(TEnum value)
where TEnum : struct // C# does not allow enum constraint
return (int) (ValueType) value;

The above C# is release-mode compiled to the following IL (note boxing and unboxing opcodes):

.method public hidebysig instance int32 Foo<valuetype
.ctor ([mscorlib]System.ValueType) TEnum>(!!TEnum 'value') cil managed
.maxstack 8
IL_0000: ldarg.1
IL_0001: box !!TEnum
IL_0006: unbox.any [mscorlib]System.Int32
IL_000b: ret

Enum conversion has been treated extensively on SO, but I could not find a discussion addressing this specific case.

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I'm not sure that this is possible in C# without using Reflection.Emit. If you use Reflection.Emit, you could load the value of the enum onto the stack and then treat it as though it's an int.

You have to write quite a lot of code though, so you'd want to check whether you'll really gain any performance in doing this.

I believe the equivalent IL would be:

.method public hidebysig instance int32  Foo<valuetype 
    .ctor ([mscorlib]System.ValueType) TEnum>(!!TEnum 'value') cil managed
  .maxstack  8
  IL_0000:  ldarg.1
  IL_000b:  ret

Note that this would fail if your enum derived from long (a 64 bit integer.)


Another thought on this approach. Reflection.Emit can create the method above, but the only way you'd have of binding to it would be via a virtual call (i.e. it implements a compile-time known interface/abstract that you could call) or an indirect call (i.e. via a delegate invocation). I imagine that both of these scenarios would be slower than the overhead of boxing/unboxing anyway.

Also, don't forget that the JIT is not dumb and may take care of this for you. (EDIT see Eric Lippert's comment on the original question -- he says the jitter does not currently perform this optimisation.)

As with all performance related issues: measure, measure, measure!

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