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How to get value from many2one type using php

I want to get partner data which is have information

, and
where the 'salesperson_id' is many2one type (contains id and name). Here's my code :

// Login information
$url = 'localhost';
$url_auth = $url . '/xmlrp/common';
$url_exec = $url . '/xmlrpc/object';

$db = 'testing';
$username = 'odoo';
$password = 'odoo';

// Ripcord can be cloned from https://github.com/poef/ripcord

// Login
$common = ripcord::client("$url/xmlrpc/common");
//$common = ripcord::client($url_auth);
$uid = $common->authenticate($db, $username, $password, array());

//print("<p>Your current user id is '${uid}'</p>");

$models = ripcord::client($url_exec);

$customer = $models->execute_kw(
array( // Search domain
array('is_company', '=', true), // Query condition
array('customer', '=', true)) // Query condition
array('fields'=> array('name', 'salesperson_id'))

print("<p><strong>Found customers:</strong><br/>");
foreach ($customer as $customers){


It will show :

Found customers:
1234 CHLOE 12
1235 DRY MART 13
1236 SEEYOU 14
1237 ED. COMP 15


Answer Source

I don't know if you want to print the ID or the name of the Salesperson. But the problem with your code throwing a 500 Server Error is an IndexError. When you do $customers[salesperson_id][1], it will fail on the first one because the user does not have a salesperson. Thus $customers[salesperson_id] is not an array but a Boolean, and trying to access any Index of it will throw an error.

I'm not good with PHP, so I'm just going to point out the answer :

  • $customers[salesperson_id][0] is the ID of the salesperson, $customers[salesperson_id][1] is its name.
  • if the customer does not have a salesperson, $customers[salesperson_id] will have false as value.

So the solution :

  • Check if $customers[salesperson_id] is not false
  • print $customers[salesperson_id][0] or $customers[salesperson_id][1] if $customers[salesperson_id] is not false
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