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Spring websocket stomp client how to capture the connection is lost?

I use spring websocket stomp client. Below is a code fragment:

List<Transport> transports = new ArrayList<Transport>(2);
transports.add(new WebSocketTransport(new StandardWebSocketClient()));
transports.add(new RestTemplateXhrTransport());

WebSocketHttpHeaders headers = new WebSocketHttpHeaders();
headers.add("Cookie", client.getCookieString());

SockJsClient sockJsClient = new SockJsClient(transports);

WebSocketStompClient stompClient = new WebSocketStompClient(sockJsClient);
stompClient.setMessageConverter(new StringMessageConverter());
ListenableFuture<StompSession> future =
stompClient.connect(configuration.getApp().getWebsocketServerBase() + "/websocket/sa", headers, new MyWebSocketHandler());

future.addCallback(new SuccessCallback<StompSession>() {
public void onSuccess(StompSession stompSession) {
System.out.println("on Success!");
}, new FailureCallback() {
public void onFailure(Throwable throwable) {
System.out.println("on Failure!");

It works, but when websocket server is closed, the client doesn't receive the message.

How to listener server close event?

Answer Source

I have found the solution.

MyWebSocketHandler implements StompSessionHandler like this:

private class MyWebSocketHandler implements StompSessionHandler {
    public void afterConnected(StompSession stompSession, StompHeaders stompHeaders) {


    public void handleException(StompSession stompSession, StompCommand stompCommand, StompHeaders stompHeaders, byte[] bytes, Throwable throwable) {

    public void handleTransportError(StompSession stompSession, Throwable throwable) {
        if (throwable instanceof ConnectionLostException) {
            // if connection lost, call this

    public Type getPayloadType(StompHeaders stompHeaders) {
        return null;

    public void handleFrame(StompHeaders stompHeaders, Object o) {

You can see method handleTransportError. Thank you.

Reference Spring WebSocket Document 25.4.13 STOMP Client.

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