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jQuery on 'double click' event (dblclick for mobile)

I have the following jquery event handling function:

$('.target').on('dblclick', function() {
//respond to double click event

My issue is that this event handler doesn't work on touch devices (iPhone, iPad...). Can anyone recommend a reliable alternative to
that works on touch devices and still allows comfortable double click use on full size devices?

Answer Source

I ended up building a custom double click function that will work on both mobile and desktop:

var touchtime = 0;
$('.target').on('click', function() {
    if(touchtime == 0) {
        //set first click
        touchtime = new Date().getTime();
    } else {
        //compare first click to this click and see if they occurred within double click threshold
        if(((new Date().getTime())-touchtime) < 800) {
            //double click occurred
            alert("double clicked");
            touchtime = 0;
        } else {
            //not a double click so set as a new first click
            touchtime = new Date().getTime();

JSfiddle Demo

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