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SQL Question

SQL select with if statement

I want select with when or if statement

ID, name,Departmen, date, clock_in, clock_out,
DATEDIFF(MINUTE, on_duty, clock_in) as late,
DATEDIFF(MINUTE, off_duty, clock_out) as Early,
DATEDIFF(MINUTE, on_duty, clock_in) - DATEDIFF(MINUTE, off_duty, clock_out) as total_telat when late <=30 from kkpsurabaya

I want make
only count 1-30min

Answer Source

use CASE . . WHEN . . END

select  ID, 
    Departmen, date, clock_in, clock_out,
    DATEDIFF(MINUTE, on_duty, clock_in ) as late  ,
    DATEDIFF(MINUTE, off_duty, clock_out ) as Early,
    WHEN DATEDIFF(MINUTE, on_duty, clock_in ) < 30
    THEN DATEDIFF(MINUTE,on_duty, clock_in ) - DATEDIFF(MINUTE ,off_duty, clock_out ) 
    END as total_telat
from    kkpsurabaya
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