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Python Question

Filter href out of selector

I have these piece of code:

record = game.select_one('td:nth-of-type(4)')

Depending on the page I run that on, I get either a link between that specific
tag or just text. For example I don't want any links like below:

<td><a href="">Useless link text</a></td>

But I do need:

<td>Here is some juicy text</td>

I need to be able to filter the link so that if a link is found, I can just print "None". So something like this:

if record has link:
print('Nothing to show')
print('text found')

There must be an easy way to test for
or an
tag but I can't seem to nail it down.

Answer Source

You can simply check if a is found this way:

if record.a is not None:  # link found

record.a is a shortcut to record.find("a"), .find() method returns None if an element is not found.

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