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SQL Server 2008 pivoting table with unknown column name

I am having trouble to pivot the following

FirstName LastName
Talyor Swift
Bruno Mars

to the following

ColumnName ColumnValue
FirstName Talyor
LastName Swift
FirstName Bruno
LastName Mars

I don't have any clue how to start this without hardcoding it especially the way to retrieve the column name from the system.

**Column Name in the source table is not given

Answer Source

Here is a "dynamic" approach which is accomplished via XML.

Clearly UNPIVOT would be more performant


Select C.*
 From  YourTable A
 Cross Apply (Select XMLData = cast((Select A.* for XML Raw) as xml) ) B
 Cross Apply (
                Select Item   = attr.value('local-name(.)','varchar(100)')
                      ,Value  = attr.value('.','varchar(max)') 
                 From  B.XMLData.nodes('/row') as n(r)
                 Cross Apply n.r.nodes('./@*') AS B(attr)
             ) C


Item        Value
FirstName   Talyor
LastName    Swift
FirstName   Bruno
LastName    Mars

EDIT - Dynamic UnPivot

Declare @SQL varchar(max) ='
Select Item,Value
 From  YourTable
 UnPivot (Value for Item in ('+Stuff((Select ',' +QuoteName(Name) 
                                       From  sys.columns 
                                       Where objecT_id = OBJECT_ID('YourTable') 
                                       For XML Path ('')),1,1,'')
                             +')) as UnPiv
--Print @SQL
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