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Getting DateTime difference in OrientDB

I have the following Carts table schema of orientDB. All I wanted to do is to select those records where

(CurrentTime - timeStamp) >= expiration

Table Schema

I had also tried to achive my goal thorugh converting to unix timestamp and tried following queries

SELECT * FROM Carts WHERE eval("('+new Date().getTime()+' timeStamp.asLong())/1000") >= expiration

And also by following technique but when :parameter is passed in eval funtion it convert it into '?' and don't return required data.

'SELECT eval("'+new Date().getTime()+' - timeStamp.asLong()") as DIFF, :nowTimeStamp as NOW, timeStamp.asLong() as THEN FROM Carts ',
params: {
nowTimeStamp: new Date().getTime()

Answer Source

Try this query:

SELECT * FROM Carts WHERE eval("SYSDATE().asLong() / 1000 - timeStamp.asLong() / 1000") >= expiration

Hope it helps.

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