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jQuery Question

HTML5/CSS3 Scrollable Data Table

Guys I've been searching but I'm just after a simple, ground up design for an HTML5/CSS3/JQuery data table that has the following properties:

1) Sits inside an absolute DIV which has top,right,left,bottom attributes set so must scale to fit its parent.

2) Has horizontally resizable column headers.

3) Has a horizontal scroll that scrolls the column headers and data table.

4) Has a vertical scroll that scrolls only the data table.

I'd prefer not to use any frameworks other than JQuery but if you think it's easier then I'll try it.

Thanks guys.

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First - get a misconception out of your head. "Data table" and "simple" are mutually exclusive terms.

Second - jQuery is a library, but not a UI framework.

Third - I've had a lot of success with Kendo UI. The Javascript core is open-source. The Grid control may support absolute positioning but the scaling might be a stretch (if you want it to refresh on its own after the first time it renders). You must have a decent command of Javascript to make it work, or don't waste your time.

Grid demo

Core download

I don't work for Telerik. YMMV.

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