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cinder function overload error

In this simple cinder example (from cinder introduction - http://libcinder.org/docs/v0.8.4/hello_cinder.html) I get this compilation error:

myImage = gl::Texture( loadImage( loadResource( "image.jpg" ) ) );

Error 1 error C2661: 'cinder::app::App::loadResource' : no overloaded function takes 1 arguments

However documentation says:

DataSourceRef cinder::app::loadResource ( const std::string & macPath )

Any ideas?

Answer Source

Are you referring to the same function:


Never used this lib, but doc says the first function needs more parameters:


static DataSourceRef cinder::app::App::loadResource (   
       const std::string &  macPath,
       int  mswID,
       const std::string &  mswType  
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